Hi! Thanks for visiting my NEW AND IMPROVED site! I've been making some changes here and there over the last few months. I've added links, updated pictures and info, even added some stuff for my BBS. If you want to check that out you can get to it from the previous index page, or by following one of the links on my site. Now, after that shameless plug *grin*... feel free to take a look around and get to know the place.

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About Toad Everything you never wanted to know about me.

Meet Spaz Meet my hamster, Spaz, and a few other little furry
friends who have lived in our home and remain in our hearts.

Fun Frog Facts! Some interesting and fun frog facts!
Text Adventure game of Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy Play the text game for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Java Something I wrote in my Java class in college. The source code can be found here. Feel free to copy/use it. Just PLEASE credit where you got it from.

My Links Page Links to my friends, organizations, other sites, and more!

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More additions to the Toadville server....

It now hosts Toadville BBS and another new transfer from dos to windows, Scorched Earth. Scorched Earth was originally a dos based game that was very addicting (and I played it every morning in the library.)  While searching the net one day, I found out that it has been reborn as a Java Based internet MULTIPLAYER game.  My heart was racing at the thought of playing against online folks in this game.  Well it wasn't QUITE what I hoped for, but it still could be.  The Main server to play scorch is located at CAOS. But since I love to run 50 million things from my one little server, I decided to run my own scorch server. Click HERE to get to it.

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