About my sweet Spaz.

I've wanted a hamster since I was little,
but my parents wouldn't let me because
a) I didn't have the money, nor the maturity to take care of one. And
b) our cat and dog would probably have more fun with it than I would.
So while I was at home, no hamster for me.

When I moved to college, the dorm rules forbid small animals like that (Though I did have a cat for a while, and my neighbor had a pair of ferrets). So no hamster still. I finally moved to an apartment, but really didn't want to spend the money on all the things for my pet. (If I'm gonna have a hamster, it will have one of the best cage/play pens available). So when I graduated from Lagrange I decided I would get a hamster. She's since died, but there have been many more little critters in my life as well. There will, however, only be ONE Spaz.
SPAZTER! Visit Spaz's page and read some stories about her. She has pictures too! =)

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Hamster Dance I also have a page that's just fun and addicting to visit. It's my Hamster Dance page! =) I love these cute little hamster pictures...and I have the hamster dance song on CD! Hehe.

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