BOTE 2002 signups have begun.  Anyone interested, please email Pesty and I. Don't know what BOTE is?  Click here for more info

Evil Empire, a TWA only tourny, has it's own website.  Players should check it out!

The server has a message board now.  It's still kinda under construction, but for the most part it is up and running.  You can see the message board by going HERE

The game info pages are still not quite ready.  Hopefully i'll get an update on them soon.  

Click HERE for a games page

Connect to the Toadville Tradewars Server HERE

The address for it is

Click here to launch a telnet session RIGHT HERE :)


Where to play

HELP! (Guides)

Groupware Good Information

Game T editor 

(use your user name and "tester1" as password



Toadville Message Board

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